Dhanvantari Nano Ayushadi Private Limited (DNA) for the first time in India/South Asia has established one of the most Advanced Green Nanotechnology Research and Product Development Enterprise. As per guidelines of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy), DNA will develop the next generation of Ayurvedic products using the principles of Green Nanotechnology. New Ayurvedic products, formulated through the intervention of Green Nanotechnology, will help humanity in the treatment of various ailments, alleviate their suffering and improve the overall quality of life for better healthcare globally.

Ayurvedic medicines is all about the innate ability of a variety of naturally-occurring phytochemicals from various plants to develop medicines with anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-diabetic and related disease preventive and curative activities. In Ayurvedic medicine, cocktails of phytochemicals with various metals are also used for treating various diseases including asthma, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and various neurological diseases and disorders.

Limited bioavailability of pharmacologically active species in vivo and the lack of reproducibility of Ayurvedic formulations have been the main stumbling blocks resulting in limited penetration of this important holistic modality for treating diseases and disorders of human populations across the world. Green Nanotechnology, invented by Professor Kattesh Katti, is a sound scientific means to achieve optimum bioavailability of ayurvedic drugs thus providing an unprecedented pathway for creating highly effective ayurvedic medications for treating various diseases and disorders including asthma, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, dermatological and various neurological diseases. Green Nanotechnological process provides practical means of the reproducible formulation and manufacture of various ayurvedic medicine and intermediates.

DNA’s inventions on innovative green nanotechnology approaches utilize bio-compatible natural products from ayurvedic relevant plants, leaves, fruits, herbs and various plant products as electron reservoirs for the production and encapsulation of nanoparticles—a first of its kind scientifically rigorous proprietary technology for the formulation of highly effective and reproducible ayurvedic formulations.

DNA is instrumental in bringing scientifically proven evidence based therapy with standardised formulations maintaining the best quality standards in healthcare.

About Us

Dhanvantari Nano Ayushadi Private Limited was incorporated on 19 December, 2016 with the sole intention of spreading Green nanotechnology and help patients in the treatment of Prostate Cancer, Lung Cancer, Ophthalmology. We are also planning to launch products in the Nutraceuticals segment.

The present system of medicine and treatment of cancer involves Chemotherapy, radiation and other medicines which in-turn causes side effects.

We at DNA, India want to mitigate these disadvantages. Our technology combines the benefit of both Nanotechnology and Ayurveda.

Our Vision

Building Green Nanotechnology (GreNano) to Revolutionise Ayurveda with scientifically verifiable rationalein enhancingthe Quality of Life and Healthy being. Nanoparticles to be the Centre of Solution in Cure for all Diseases.

Our Mission

DNA's 'Art of Medicine (A-"OM")' Mission imbibes the principles of ‘Happy & Healthy Living’ through the development of Nano-Ayurvedic products to prevent humans from acquiring debilitating diseases and disorders thus transforming the quality of life of human beings across the world.

Management Team

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    Mr. S Abhaya Kumar Jain

    Founder Chairman

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    Mr. SriramSubramanya


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    Mr. Deepak Abhayakumar

    Managing Director

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    Dr. R. Dhamodharan

    Technical Director

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    Mr. Ajit Chordia


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    Dr.Chintamani Joshi

    Chief Medical Director

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    Mr. Vinod Kumar Jain


Father of Green Nanotechnology

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    Dr. Kattesh V.Katti

    Father-Green Nanotechnology

Advisory Board

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    Mr. Anant Kumar Hegde

    Advisory Board Member


    Dr.Kattesh V Kattiis globally recognized as the 'Father of Green Nanotechnology', makes ground breaking discovery which connects Green Nanotechnology with Ayurvedic medicine is considered to be the genesis of a new medical modality referred to as 'Nano-Ayurvedic Medicine'.

    We at Dhanvantari Nano Ayushadi Private Limited (DNA) have obtained the license and exclusive rights for this Nano Ayurvedic Medicine platform developed by Dr.Kattesh V Katti at the University of Missouri.

    DNA was founded by Mr. S. Abhaya Kumar (Shasun Pharmaceuticals, Lifecell International) and Mr. SriramSubramanya (Integra Software Services). Subsequently, we have built a team of highly experienced professionals including Mr. Deepak Abhaya (Nutra Specialities), Mr. Ajit Chordia (Olympia, Khivraj Motors), Dr.Chintamani Joshi (Practicing Ayurveda Practitioner).

    We have obtained the World-wide patent rights and the technology exclusivity to be able to commercialize the technology and bring out unique products to enhance the Quality of Life and alleviate human sufferings.

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    Dr. Kavita Katti

    Lead Scientist

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    Dr. Menka Khoobchandani

    Research Scientist