DNA's Chavananoprash is the best choice to rejuvenate
your energy for healthy and happy living.

DNA's Chavananoprash is a unique blend of Nano Swarna Bhasma with 28 selected herbs that boosts body's overall immune system that lack in the regular diet. Regular intake helps body combat debilitating diseases.

Nano Swarna Bhasma is a patented technology with 100% Nanoparticles. Due to the smaller size of the particles the efficacy is a lot better when compared to traditional Swarna Bhasma. The process is green and completely natural without the involvement of any heavy metals.

An ideal dietary supplement, daily consumption of this product not only decreases deadly cytokines, but also eventually eliminates them thereby boosting the body's immune system.

  • - Repeated Infections
  • - Mild Fever
  • - Patchy Hair Loss
  • - Rashes
  • - Joints Ache
  • - Unexplained Weight change
  • - White patches
  • - Yellowing of your skin or eyes

  • Our product has been subjected to rigorous testing in globally recognized laboratories and it has been proved that this cutting edge green nanotechnology based Chavananoprash, i.e. chavananoprash, boosts body's immune system. This provides additional nutrients that are found lacking in a regular diet. Thus this provides nourishment and enhances fitness.


    • Addresses recurring infection or debility
    • Promotes healthy cholesterol
    • Enhances energy
    • Nourishes the body
    • Revitalizes the skin
    • Purifies blood
    • Normalizes blood pressure
    • Keeps the heart healthy
    • Strengthens the immune system and safeguards the body from bacterial infection
    • Most suited for respiratory ailments as it is facilitates healthy functioning of the lungs
    • Ideal remedy for asthma and chronic bronchitis
    • Treats digestive disorders effectively and aids absorption of nutrients
    • Relieves constipation and helps reduce flatulence
    • Promotes healthy cholesterol
    • Delays aging of cells and gives youthfulness


    1 sachet per day


    Pour the contents of the sachet in a glass
    of milk / water, stir thoroughly and consume.