DNANOKLEEN is a household cleaning essential with DNA’s green nanotechnology innovative - Nano RajataBhasma (Silver Nanoparticles).

DNANOKLEEN is a household cleaning essential with Nano Rajata Bhasma. The formulation is 100% Natural and can be used for floors, windows, doors etc., Nano Rajata Bhasma is scientifically proven to kill deadly microbes and prevents reoccurrence of Bacteria and Fungus.

DNANOKLEEN spray is a MUST for every household, public/private dwelling, automotive interiors, office spaces, hospitals and clinics to eliminate onset and spread of deadly bacterial/microbial infections round the year.


Kills Bacteria and gives all round protection for over 24hours. It has found to be effective in kills over 120 different pathogens generally found in every household and stops reoccourence of growth.