Ayurveda was first recorded in the Vedic literature—the oldest existing literature in the world. The wisdom of Ayurveda is recorded in Sanskrit, the ancient language of India that reflects the philosophy behind Ayurveda—an original source for medical discipline for the human civilization

Ayurveda greatly influenced health care practices in the east and the west. By 400 AD Ayurvedic works were translated into Chinese and Ayurveda having passed through test of experience for over several centuries, it remains essentially the same since its inception, although numerous commentators over the centuries have added insight with their analyses.

Dhanvantari Nano Ayushadi Private Limited (DNA) recognizes the urgent need to invest in the Research and Development of Ayurvedic Medicines in order to achieve Scientifically Verifiable Rigor and Reproducibility of formulations so that this important medical modality becomes acceptable across the world.

Green Nanotechnology

Green Nanotechnology, discovered by Professor Kattesh V. Katti—globally recognized as the ‘Father of Green Nanotechnology’ from the University of Missouri, USA, is founder of an innovative technology which uses various plant materials as electron reservoirs for the production and encapsulation of nanoparticles. Green Nanotechnology brings unprecedented connectivity between nanotechnology and ayurvedic medicine thus creating a natural choice for the formulation of ayurvedic medicines through modern scientific techniques. Green Nanotechnology provides universally acceptable and scientifically rigorous rationale to develop reproducible Ayurvedic formulations.


DNA is the first enterprise in the world to commercialise Green Nanotechnology approaches scientifically verifiable pathways for the development of new generation of Ayurvedic Medicine products for the care and treatment of human beings in the treatment of a variety of diseases and disorders. DNA has a strong pipeline of proprietary Green Nanotechnology-based Ayurvedic formulations and its ongoing research and development efforts have transformed DNA to be a global leader in Nano-Ayurvedic Medicines space. DNA’s patented inventions are focused on its core technologies which are embedded in the development of bio-compatible natural products-based nanoparticles, in combination with metal-based nanoparticles, for creating various ayurvedic medicines.

DNA’s reverse engineering philosophy embodies adherence to Ayurvedic principles while embracing the most sophisticated scientific rigor to realize the potential of Ayurvedic medicine through Green Nanotechnology.

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About Dr. Kattesh V Katti

One of the '25 Most Influential Scientists In Molecular Imaging in the World' by RT Image. Dr. Katti has received the 'Father of Green Nanotechnology' citation by the Nobel Prize Winner Norman Borlaug. Dr. Katti's unprecedented discoveries of the production of tumor specific gold nanoparticles through 100% green nanotechnology processes have been cited as the Editor's choice in Nature, Future Medicine, in Science (AAAS), in Popular Science, and by the Discovery Channel. Dr. Katti's researches in Cancer Treatment through Nanomedicine and Green Nanotechnology have been highlighted in scientific/medical programs of the Voice of America (January 2017) and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC, London).

Dr. Katti is the principal/co-inventor on over 50 patents and over 175 inventions. He has published over 300 publications, reviews, research reports and monographs.